A new game from Dennis Roberts
and Jake Forsland

  "A terrible accident, deep within Hyperspace, has torn a hole into hyper-Hyperspace, colloquially known as... TURBOSPACE! Now creatures are pouring through the gate, devastating our universe, and you must stop them!"

TURBOSPACE DEFENDER is a unique action arcade space shooter, featuring:
• Flappy Bird-meets-Asteroids style game mechanics
• Hectic space physics
• Objects that bounce into each other and break into pieces
• Retro graphics and chiptune music
• Evolving music that intensifies as the game gets harder
• Dozens of planets to free
• Unlockable art and music
• A compelling storyline (see above)
• Casual gameplay
• Fast-paced action
• Addictive fun!

So what are you waiting for! Smash that download button and blast into TURBOSPACE!

. . . . . . 

Created by Dennis Roberts (@dennyroberts)
Music, SFX, and additional game design by Jake Forsland (@ohfashozland)